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Advertiser Disclosure

Transparency is a key value of LisbonGo So, let’s clarify how we generate money at LisbonGo in order to cover our expenses and survive. We don’t want to bother you with details, but we want to give you the big picture and tell you that our work is never, ever impacted by the money we make or the money we could make from it.

We don’t sell subscriptions or educational items (like e-books or courses). We aren’t utilizing LisbonGo to recruit clients or customers because we do not provide a paid service to our readers.

So, what do we do?

After we’ve produced articles on subjects about which we’re knowledgeable or experienced, we go back to the original post and see whether any of the services or goods mentioned in the piece are part of an affiliate program. If such is the case, we’ll submit an application. We shall use an “affiliate link” on the words where we discuss such services and goods if we are allowed. If you choose to click on the related keyword after reading this post, go to the service or product page, and purchase it, we’ll receive a commission. The commission amount varies based on what you join up for or purchase. It can range from a few pennies to tens or even hundreds of dollars (though this is extremely unusual). However, generally, the price is between $5 and $10 USD.

We only suggest or sell items and services that at least one of our staff members has tried and appreciated. There’s nothing like doing things yourself, no matter how much we read and research.

We can promise you that we have never written about a product or service only because they paid us to do so, and we will never do so again.

Thank you so much for your patience and unwavering support.

On behalf of the LisbonGo Team