is it safe to walk around Lisbon at night

Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world. In fact, it ranks the 4th safest country globally according to the Global Peace Index. 

The capital city of Portugal offers diverse activities for its residents. Lots of restaurants, bars, and cafes are available in Lisbon for people to enjoy. 

Although it’s a very safe city, sometimes petty crimes like pickpocketing also exist in Lisbon.

In this guide, you can find the answer to the questions like; “Is Lisbon safe?”, “Is Portugal safe to travel?” or “Is it safe to walk around Lisbon at night?”

Let’s start reading the guide to learn more about Lisbon safety.

A Brief Look At Lisbon

You can do many things to see and experience in Lisbon, Portugal. The city offers scenic beauties, you can reach great beaches within a short distance. The old streets and historical buildings are other attractions to enjoy.

In addition, the rate of crime in Portugal is very low. However, you may need to be careful about the money and valuables you carry.

Stability in politics and economic balance are other featured qualities of Portugal. 

Around 4,5 million tourists visit Lisbon each year. This rate is higher than the tourist rate in Barcelona and Prague. In addition, crimes against tourists are very low because of the precautions by the police. 

Is Lisbon Safe for Solo Travelers? 

Many people of different ages visit Lisbon as solo travelers. It’s a great city to visit alone. You can follow the suggestions below and consider Lisbon safety to be a pleasant experience:

  • You can get to know people around you in restaurants and bars in Lisbon. The setting of tables and the area are suitable for communication with new people. 
  • You may want to dress like the locals so that you don’t appear like an easy target for pickpockets.
  • Couchsurfing’s weekly meetings are another opportunity to meet new people.
  • Keeping emergency numbers on your phone is important when you travel alone, just in case. 
  • You can ask suggestions of the locals to make your experience more fun.
  • Not carrying heavy bags will be to your advantage while traveling around the city alone. 

Lisbon Safety Tips for Traveling 

Although Portugal ranks high in safety, the crime rate is higher in Lisbon compared to other cities in Portugal. 

It’s advisable to consider the following suggestions while you travel to Lisbon: 

  • While drinking outside, it’s better to check the drink while it’s being made 
  • At nights, it’d be better to stay with a crowd when a party ends
  • Be careful when you’re in neighborhoods like Intendente and Anjos. The metro stations there are regarded as notorious
  • You should be careful when you get on trams 15 and 28. It’s possible that thieves are in those trams
  • The following areas are also notorious for theft: Sintra, Cascais, and Mafta. Also, Casal Ventoso is notorious for drug users and traffickers
  • It’s advisable to keep your personal belongings close to you while traveling
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings when you use an ATM, just in case
  • It’s better to carry a copy of your passport or identity card instead of the original when you’re outside
  • Possession of drugs is subject to fine
  • Be careful about restaurant prices. If there’s no price on the menu, you may be cheated
  • Locking your doors and windows is advisable
  • It’s important to take heed of beach flags: red is for no swimming, yellow is for a paddle but no swim and green is for safety to swim
  • Learning some Portuguese will be for your benefit to be able to communicate with locals and read menus and signs
  • Getting a SIM card is useful: You can call people when you’re in need, or surf the Internet while you travel
  • Be careful about jellyfish on the beach, and undercurrents can cause trouble even for professional swimmers
  • Be careful about taxis with broken meters. The taxi driver may cheat you by saying that the meter is broken, and get more money

In short; Is Lisbon safe? Yes, Lisbon is a safe city where you can enjoy a diverse range of activities. If you’re aware of the Lisbon safety issues mentioned above, you’ll be fine traveling in Lisbon. 

You can learn more about traveling in Lisbon by clicking on our Frequently Asked Questions on Travelling to Lisbon article.


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