Portugal is one of the best destinations where you can enjoy great waves when it comes to surfing. It’s home to such big waves that it can compete with other parts of the world. Not to mention it provides world-class clean beaches. The weather is also quite suitable for surfing almost throughout the year. 

Lisbon is also quite close to many beaches for surfing. In this article, you’ll learn about the best surfing areas in and around the capital Lisbon. 

Before delving into the surfing spots in Lisbon, it may be of help to introduce you to the main coasts around the city. One of them is the Estoril coast, which is the closest one to Lisbon. This coast extends from Lisbon to Cascais, and is also connected by train lines. 

Through the northern side, there is the Atlantic that is home to great swells. And lastly, there is Costa da Caparica located at the south of the Tagus. 

Let’s learn more about these spots.


Carcavelos is a very famous surfing spot in Lisbon. One of the best things about Carcavelos is that it only takes ten minutes to arrive here from the city center. You can take the train at the stop of Cais do Sodré. This area is suitable for everyone no matter what their levels are. Also, you can find surfing courses here according to your level. The waves don’ change through the year as well. 

Note that it’s also a very crowded surfing spot. However, it can be a suitable choice considering its proximity to the city center.

Sao Pedro

Sao Pedro is another great spot for surfers. Through the southwest swells, you can enjoy a great surfing experience here especially in summer. The northwest swells from the Atlantic can give you this great experience as well. 


Bafureira is an excellent place that offers great waves from the Estoril coast. If the conditions are suitable, you’ll have a great surfing experience here. It also offers reef breaks almost throughout the year. Both wind and ground swells work well for surfing here. It’s also suggested to surf at mid-tide here. 

Bafureira is suitable for at least intermediate-level.

Lagoa de Albufeira

This spot is located about 20 km south of Lisbon. You can be sure that waves are quite favorable throughout the year, with great swells. Another favorable part of this spot is that the beach is also wonderful. Aside from surfing, you can rest on this beautiful beach as well. 

Waves of this beach are also great thanks to the river mouth here. There can be peak-shaped waves when the swell is good on the southwest or northwest. 

You should also note that this destination is around 40 minutes away from the city center. This can be favorable if you prefer a less crowded spot. 


This is a 1 km beach that has great beach breaks on the north of Lisbon. In summer, the waves are nice, with the north-northwestern swell. So, summer is a good time for learners. However, it can be punchy and strong at other periods of the year. So, it’s better to stop by here at those times if you are an experienced surfer. 

Note that you’ll find good surf courses favored by many people. 

Praia da Poca

Also named as the Portuguese Teahupoo, Praia da Poca is located on the Estoril coastline, on the west of Lisbon. It’s about 20 km away from the city center by train. 

Mind you, if you’re not at least an intermediate-level surfer, you had better not surf here. The waves can be quite high, and it’s also a reef break. So, it’s not suitable for starters. It can get big swells. 


Cascais is a town known for its great beaches for swimming as well. It’s also very easy to reach this place. You can arrive here by taking the train from the city center. You can find many spots for surfing here.


Ericeira, another surf town, is 1,5 hours away from the city center by bus. From the city center, you can find direct buses to arrive here. It offers a great surfing experience thanks to the breaks. It’s also available for both starters and advanced-level surfers. For beginner levels, Foz do Lizandro can be a good choice such as Coxos can be for the advanced levels. 

Praia das Maçãs and Praia Grande

The northwest orientation here provides a great surfing experience here with the Atlantic swells. There may be strong winds in winter though. Also, you can find surfing courses in Praia Grande. 

So, these are the recommended surfing spots for the ones planning to surf in Lisbon. If you wonder when the best time is for you to surf in Lisbon, you can take a look at the following. 

In autumn, the swell size begins to increase, and the water temperature decreases. The southwest swell can provide a better surfing experience on the Estoril coast.

If you’re an experienced surfer, winter can be a favorable period for you thanks to the wind blowing through the Atlantic. Estoril coast is also quite favorable during this period especially in Carcavelos with its reefs. 

If you prefer a consistent wave, spring can be your time. Also, in springtime, you won’t face as many crowds as you would in summer.

Summertime is suitable for beginners. It’s also a popular period for taking surfing lessons. The size of swells is not big, so the waves are favorable for starters. Sometimes, you may also encounter stillness on the waves as well.

Finally, it’s also possible to hire a surfboard when you arrive at your destination in Lisbon. You can be sure that many places are offering rental snowboards and other necessary equipment. 

If you’re interested to learn more about the surfing options in the country, check out our ultimate guide on Surfing in Portugal.


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