Lisbon is a city with a huge history in politics, sports, art, literature, music, etc; and thus, not surprisingly, it has many amazing museums. While it is impossible to pay a visit to all of them in several days, a plan that encompasses the best ones might help. Here are some of the best museums in the Portuguese capital that may appeal to every taste.

1Museum of Lisbon

The Museum of Lisbon is a whole comprising of five parts, namely: Santo Antonio, Casa dos Bicos, Torreao Poente, Teatro Romano, and Palacio Pimenta. All these parts that form the Museum of Lisbon are situated in historically significant places. The museum that hosts visitors in five different locations provide tourists with information about Lisbon’s vast history and richness.

2Gulbenkian Museum

As one of the most famous and popular museums in Lisbon and Portugal, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum stands out. Holding more than 6000 pieces, Calouste Gulbenkian Museum has a very comprehensive showcase. The museum has two parts: oriental and classic art and post 11th-century European art. Each involves breathtakingly beautiful works from famous artists. Also, the museum is surrounded by amazing ponds and gardens which are also attractive for both the locals and the tourists.

3Puppet Museum

Originally named Museu da Marioneta, The Puppet Museum of Lisbon is another must-see item on the list. Accepting visitors since 2001 in Bernardas Convent, the museum aims to inform visitors on puppet history and its theatrical form. The museum, apart from the Portuguese examples, also displays pieces from Africa and Southeast Asia.

4Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology

Abbreviated as MAAT, the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology is one of the contemporary art venues of Lisbon. Recently re-identified as an art venue rather than a museum, MAAT aims to provide its visitors with alternative readings of the culture and the landscape. MAAT hosts many pieces that sophisticated art-lovers will relate to.

5National Museum of Ancient Art

In Portugal, several museums display ancient art pieces. However, the National Museum of Ancient Art is by far the most comprehensive and important one. Showcasing a wide range of pieces that span from the 12th century and to the 19th century, the collection of the museum includes sculptures, jewelry pieces, paintings, and many more from all around the world.

6Water Museum

Like the first item on the list, Water Museum is also divided into different locations in Lisbon. One part of the museum that continues its exhibition permanently is the Barbadinhos Steam Pumping Station. The museum is also the only one in Portugal that has won a Council of Europe prize.


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