Til you want to see a perfect example of “gentrification”, Cais do Sodre District is the place to go. Previously a disadvantaged neighborhood with many social problems, Cais do Sodre is now the place for bohemian life. You can see many young people hanging out in fashionable cafes and enjoying the exciting nightlife.

Here are some things that you must not miss out on while enjoying a trip to this newly fashionable district:

Pink Street

If you are a night bird that never misses an opportunity to party, “Pink Street” is the place to go. The street is easily recognizable by its pink-colored pavement. Party starts here very late and goes on until the morning. You can start the night at Bairro Alto and when the bars shut down there, “Pink Street” will be waiting for you to continue till the morning.

Where to go in “Pink Street”?


If you want to experience Lisbon’s traditional and authentic music “Fado”, Povo is the right place. “Fado” music is available from Tuesday to Thursday plus Sunday. You should make a reservation before your visit to make sure to find a table.

Sol e Pesca

“Sol e Pesca” means “Sun and Fishing” and it used to be a place that sells fishing gear. The fishing atmosphere is kept alive and it’s a good place to eat seafood and small snacks. The only downside is that it is not always possible to find a table in this cozy restaurant.

Music Box

Under the bridge of “Pink Street”, you can enter to this club where you can listen to DJ performances.

Check out the website for more information: https://musicboxlisboa.com/mb/

The Ribeira das Naus

The former shipyard is now a place for people to come and relax while enjoying the view of the sea. You might want to start your day here in one of the cafes.

Praça de São Paulo

This non-touristy and peaceful square becomes a social meeting point for people who later in the night goes on partying in “Pink Street”. If you would like to try pre-drinking with locals, you can go to “Praça de São Paulo” in the evening.

This non-touristy and peaceful square becomes a social meeting point for people who later in the night goes on partying in “Pink Street”

Ascensor da Bica

You can take a ride in the famous cable car, “Ascensor da Bica” here and while waiting for the cable car, you can enjoy the view “azulejos” (Portuguese tiles).

The Cais do Sodre Train Station

Here you can take a train to ride in the Lisbon-Cascais railway and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal.

Food in Cais do Sodre District

Time-Out Market – Mercado da Ribeira

This single destination is enough to see and enjoy what rich cuisine of Portugal has to offer. You can find more than 40 restaurants under one roof in “Time-Out Mercado”. To taste a variety of local foods, this is the perfect place as you can find a wide variety of options and take them in small portions.

The Mercado de Lisboa – Mercado da Ribeira

“The Mercado de Lisboa” is also located in “Mercado da Ribeira” and here you can find a wide range of raw products from fish to vegetables.

PS: You might want to go there early in the morning to find the best products as it closes at 2 p.m.

A Merendeira

This bakery is one of the best ones to find the most delicious “pão com chouriço” in Lisbon. “Pão com chouriço” is a sandwich like bread that has pork sausage inside with special spices. You should not miss out on this local flavor.

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