As one of the best European capitals in terms of keeping the green alive, the Portuguese capital has dozens of stunning parks and gardens throughout its territory. Some of these are at the heart of Lisbon while others are not central, but excellent in natural beauty. Here are the best gardens in Lisbon.

Jardim do Torel

The first item on this list is Jardim do Torel, which is a 19th-century garden that is entered via Andrade Street. Located on one of the hills of Lisbon, the park has a stunning view of the Baixa district of the capital. The sight of the Liberdade Avenue from Jardim do Torel is especially amazing.

Parque Eduardo VII

Lisbon has many parks in its very heart, but Parque Eduardo VII is the largest of them. The park has a greenhouse that hosts a wide array of plants from all over the globe, including exotic ones. Also offering beautiful views of the central Lisbon and the Tagus River, Parque Eduardo VII is a great place to watch the sunset from.

Lisbon has many parks in its very heart, but Parque Eduardo VII is the largest of them.

Parque Florestal de Monsanto

Now out of the central Lisbon, the list carries on with the largest park in all of the Portuguese capital: Parque Florestal de Monsanto. This huge park is also home to one of the biggest structures in the city named Centro Emissor de Monsanto which is a telecommunications tower. There are also a variety of activities that can be enjoyed within the park-like hiking, concerts, exhibitions, and other performance arts.

Gulbenkian Gardens

One of the most famous parks in the Portuguese capital, Gulbenkian Gardens also includes some of the well-known attractions of the city like the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Museum and the Center of Modern Art. Moreover, Gulbenkian Gardens is also home to an open-air theatre which hosts amazing plays throughout the year.

Jardim da Estrela

Jardim da Estrela is a nice space for families and locals. It has a large play area where children can enjoy their time freely. There are also many sculptures throughout the park, some by famous artists. Popular with locals, the park also has a café near its central pond where some snacks and drinks are sold.

Jardim Botânico

This park is especially beautiful for its forest-like quality that is emphasized by all the different kinds of trees brought from the naval expeditions of colonial Portugal. Showcasing plants from Africa, Brazil, and Asia, Jardim Botânico is a great exhibition of botanic wealth. Also, the park involves a butterfly greenhouse and it is open to the public.


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