Lisbon has a nice, long summer which enables people to enjoy its beaches from early May until the end of September. The hottest months of the year in the Portuguese capital are July and August. Hence, the most popular period of Lisbon’s beaches are these months. Especially during weekends, beaches of the capital tend to get very crowded. So it is always better to prefer workdays when the beaches are quieter.
Thanks to the Atlantic Ocean currents, Lisbon’s beaches offer its visitors quite cold waters. During its peak, Lisbon’s water temperature reaches 18 C degrees. For people who want to spend the day in the water, this information is worth keeping in mind.

1Adraga Beach

Adraga Beach is situated in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and it is among the group which is called the Sintra Beaches. In this group, there are some other popular members like Praia das Maças or Praia Grande. Adraga distinguishes itself from its neighbor because it is located among hills, and therefore, not as crowded as the other popular beaches.

2Praia de Galapinhos

Another area that includes several amazing beaches is Arrabida. In this region, there is a beautiful bay where all the beaches are located, and behind them, there is the Arrabida Natural Park. The beaches in this area are especially famous for their crystal-clear waters. Other beaches that might be considered here are Portinho da Arrabida, and Praia dos Coelhos.

3Praia da Comporta

Comporta region of Lisbon is famous for its rice fields. Also hosting an estuary of Tejo, Comporta has several high-quality beaches. Praia da Comporta is one of the best beaches around Lisbon, and because of its size, it is one of the most comfortable ones, too. Like almost all the beaches around Lisbon, Praia da Comporta might get a little bit crowded too. However, thanks to its broad strip of sand, it is not very hard to find a comfortable spot.

4Praia da Mata

Caparica Coast of Lisbon is located right on the other side of the River Tejo, and it is very popular both among locals and tourists. Since 25 de Abril Bridge is used by everyone who wants to enjoy this beach, the traffic might be a headache during certain hours of the day. Yet, since this huge coast full of beaches is very close to the city center, that headache might not be a huge problem. Another beach that may be tried in this region is Praia da Morena.


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