The Portuguese capital Lisbon is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. With its infrastructure, network, low cost of living, location, historicity, amazing climate, and quality cuisine; Lisbon is the perfect place to live in. Also a tourist hotspot, the capital has no shortage of great medical centers and art venues.

Lisbon’s Climate Attracts Not Only Tourists but Also Residents

As a very popular tourist center, Lisbon’s climate is one of its main attractions. Yet, tourists are not the only ones who find nice weather alluring. Enjoying more than 300 days of sunshine yearly, Lisbon is heavenly for outgoing people. The capital’s climate enables its residents to participate in outdoor activities all year round.  You can find more information about the seasons of Lisbon line in our article below.

When to Go to Lisbon


Low Cost of Living Gives Lisbon the Edge

Finding a breathtaking city in Europe is not very difficult. However, finding a breath-taking city that is also budget-friendly is near impossible. For instance, the monthly transportation fee in the city is only 35 Euros. If the residents shop for their groceries and cook themselves, eating is also very cheap. Eating out is also not expensive when compared to other European capitals either. You can easily make a budget-friendly journey plan in Lisbon.

Both Historical and Alive

The history of a city does not get any richer than Lisbon’s. Yet, it does not mean that the city is calmer than it should be. Lisbon has also vibrant nightlife. Enjoying the city’s marvelous cultural heritage in the morning and dancing all night long are both possible in Lisbon. Furthermore, the capital has a long shoreline with many world-class beaches and fun activities.

Very Easy to Adapt In

Lisbon is also a great location for ex-pats looking for a new place. Lisbon already has a big ex-pat community that makes adapting to the city easier. Besides, English is widely spoken in the capital. So, the locals are easy to communicate with and help ex-pats blend in smoothly.

Portugal Golden Visa: How to Become an Expat in Lisbon?

Becoming an ex-pat in Lisbon is possible through the Portugal Golden Visa Program. This program allows non-EU citizens to obtain Portugal residence permits in exchange for certain investments. Usually combined with a real estate investment, the Golden Visa Portugal Program allows for a smooth transition from the applicants’ homeland to Lisbon. There are several options one can use for the application. Through one of these options involving real estate, job creation, arts and culture sponsorship, scientific research sponsorship, or venture capital investments; applicants can become Lisbon residents and enjoy the city to its fullest.


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