Feira da Ladra is a very old and traditional fair located in Lisbon. You can find almost anything from second-hand goods to utensils. Let’s find out what this market offers.


The name “Feira da Ladra” roughly means “Thieves’ Market”. The name “ladra” in Portuguese means a woman thief. However, the word’s origin comes from “ladro” which is a bug or a flea found in antiques.

It is the oldest fair throughout Lisbon. The market’s history dates way back to the 13th century. The location of Feira da Ladra also has changed over the years. Finally, it settled in Campo de Santa Clara, a parish of São Vicente. 

At first, it functioned as an itinerant fair. Over time, its neighborhood and location changed. Those locations included the Castle, Praça da Alegria, and many others. Eventually, in 1882, it settled in Campo de Santa Clara, between the Church of Santa Engrácia and the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora.


Feira da Ladra is a very popular market where you can find both new and second-hand objects including antiques. Handicrafts and even tiles are also available at this fair. You also have bargain options to buy original souvenirs in this market.

It sells everything, very useful or not (f Anyway, well bargained, here you can find several original souvenirs.

A Friendly and Casual Atmosphere

When you visit this area, you will find several cool places to spend time. Campo de Santa Clara is one of them. You can read books in Jardim Botto Machado. Or stroll and drink some coffee around. What is more, you’ll see a variety of people passing through the fair including both Portuguese and tourists.

A Flea Market with a Beautiful View

Most of the places there have terraces. So, you can enjoy the great view beneath you, and see the people passing by. The Clara Clara kiosk is a good example to do this.

What to Look for in Feira da Ladra 

As we said before, you can find anything you need or even you don’t need in Feira da Ladra. Coins, used furniture, old cameras, relics of the culture, pocket watches and even vinyl records are available at this big bazaar. Furthermore, all of them are quite affordable to purchase. 

Indeed, the market is located in a very large space. So, you will need to spare your whole morning or afternoon to be able to visit a sufficient number of stalls as well as enjoy the beautiful area around you.

In addition to stalls, many people also exhibit their objects on the floor and sell them. 


The market does not have a clear address because it expands through a big area. Yet, suffice to say that it is located in Campo de Santa Clara which is close to the National Pantheon and the Church of São Vicente de Fora. 

Opening Times

Feira da Ladra takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays each week, from morning to afternoon. Depending on the weather of the day, the hours may also change.

In summer, it is generally open from 6 am to 5-6 pm. People still continue selling things but until this hour, the market becomes quite empty. In winter when there is rain or a lot of wind, the range of hours becomes shorter. The reason is that the fair takes place outdoors, so it becomes more difficult to stay for hours during those times. So, the sellers usually leave the place at around 2 pm on rainy days.

Attractions Nearby

Around Feira da Ladra, you can find many places where you can enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee. 

You should also note that Campo de Santa Clara is quite close to the district of Graça. Graça is a district in the city, and it is quite a sophisticated and charming region. Here you can find a café-kiosk to take a break. Other main attractions of this region include Senhora do Monte, Vila Berta, Bairro Estrela D’Ouro. The Pingo Doce supermarket building is also noteworthy because it was once the famous Royal Cine. Tasco do Jaime is another alternative if you want to both eat and enjoy a fado. 

Also, you can find below some other monuments and attractions near this area. 

  • Restaurant  Santa Clara Mushroom
  • Jardim Botto Machado and Café Clara kiosk 
  • Triennial of Architecture (Sinel de Cordes Palace)
  • Basil Cousin
  • Santa Clara Market (the Culinary Arts Center is located  in it) antique stores (books, furniture, and others)
  • O Pantheon Restaurant
  • The Marias with Chocolate
  • Foccacia in Giro
  • Heartbreaker
  • Church of São Vicente de Fora
  • National Pantheon


Is Feira da Ladra open during Covid?

Yes, it is open on Saturdays.

What can I find at this fair?

The marketers sell various objects in Feira da Ladra, including new and second-hand objects ranging from cameras to utensils.

Where is the Feira da Ladra located?

The market is in Campo de Santa Clara, in Lisbon.


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