Amazon has become a big part of most of our lives today. It ships to more than 100 countries around the world. Part of the reason for their success is the massive range of products the site offers. The product selection and shipping costs vary between countries. There is a huge demand from buyers and sellers all around the world.

Currently, 14 countries have Amazon. That being said, Portugal is not one of them. There were claims that Amazon was going to open in Portugal in 2018. Yet, it still does not have warehouses in Portugal, and there is no Portuguese Amazon website yet. Despite this, there are ways to order products from other Amazon countries to Portugal.

Which Amazon Can You Use in Portugal

Amazon Spain will be the easiest and cheapest way to make orders. Since Spain is the closest country to Portugal. When you can’t find the product on Amazon Spain, you can check Amazon UK and Amazon Germany as well. However, the selections on these sites will be different, and the shipping prices will be higher.

Basically, you can use any Amazon stores in Europe. The difference will be in the language, the availability of items, and the cost of delivery. Alternatively, you can use the global Amazon US website. However, the shipping costs will be much higher. There may also be differences in customs and delivery times

Which Is The Best Amazon Site to Use?

If you are in Portugal, the best site will be the one in Spain, which is Amazon Spain will be better for small items. For electronics or larger items, then Amazon Germany or Amazon France can be a better choice.

If you are looking for books, games, or other products in the English language, then your choices may be limited. If this is the case, you can use Amazon UK or Amazon Germany. Amazon UK will obviously be the best for books and games in English. From these countries, shipping rates may be higher. However, you will find a wider variety of products if you use Amazon UK or Amazon Germany.

As stated above, Amazon US is another option. However, you will pay higher shipping prices and taxes to receive them in Portugal. Plus, it will take longer to ship from Amazon US.

What Are The Amazon Stores in English?

Thankfully, there are a variety of options for using Amazon in English. First, you can use the UK store. Alternatively, Amazon Germany offers this option as well. You can change the language into English via the button next to the search bar. Of course, you can also try in-browser translation plugins like Google Translate. It may be helpful for browsing Amazon Spain and Amazon France. You should still keep in mind that those translations may not always be perfect.

On the other hand, if you use Amazon US, you can change the language into Portuguese.

What about The Cost of Deliveries to Portugal?

If you order from Amazon Spain to Portugal, delivery of book orders over €19 and other orders over €29 will be free. For items less than this amount, the standard European shipping fee will be valid. This rate begins at €3.99.

Moreover, Amazon Spain is the only Amazon store offering free shipping to Portugal. After Spain, you can consider Amazon UK as a second option. The standard delivery time of orders is between 4-6 days. The shipping cost will depend on the type of product and the country of the Amazon store. After the UK, your other options are France and Germany.

What to Do When The Items Are Not Delivered to Portugal?

It is highly possible that you may experience this. In this case, you can search for a seller on Amazon selling the same item and sending it to Portugal. Alternatively, you can find a package forwarding company. As a last resort, you can think of an alternative or local website.

If you want to ship from the UK, you can use a service called Forward2me. It will ship your delivery from the UK to Portugal.

Will Amazon Locker come to Portugal?

The Amazon Locker is a self-service kiosk. They are simply electronic lockers. You can pick up your deliveries from a locker you choose in a specific location. After the delivery, you will receive an email or a code to pick up your delivery. This can be very practical when you aren’t home to receive deliveries in the daytime. Sometimes you may not have a secure area for Amazon to drop your delivery.

Spain has Amazon Lockers, but Portugal does not have them yet. Amazon also has not declared if it will be possible in the near future. However, if an Amazon Portugal opens, Amazon Locker services will probably be available as well.

What about Deliveries to Madeira or Azores?

This may be a bit difficult for you. You can use a forwarding service if you need a delivery to the Azores or Madeira. The reason is that many companies won’t ship to these places.

Can I Get an Amazon Kindle in Portugal?

Yes, You can. If you want to order an Amazon Kindle to Portugal, will be the best option. However, it is worth noting that you may not find the latest models.

Can I Get Amazon Echo in Portugal?

Yes, you can. It will be best to order an international version from Amazon Germany. It is only in British English, though. The Portuguese language is not available for this product yet.

Is Amazon Pantry Available in Portugal?

Currently, only Amazon Prime members benefit from this service. It basically allows the members to order boxes of non-perishable goods. It does not exist in Portugal yet. However, Amazon Prime customers can order from the Amazon Pantry store from Spain.

What Are The Local Alternatives to Amazon to Use in Portugal?

If you don’t want to pay the extra cost or wait for a package forwarder, you can use other alternatives such as other websites or local alternatives. You can buy many items available on Amazon from other shops or local distributors.

Below you can find the categories and local alternatives. It is always better to compare prices, check the payment methods and delivery estimates before purchase.


Worten, Fnac, Radio Popular

Worten is one of the biggest suppliers in Portugal. Fnac, on the other hand, is a big electronics and books retailer. Both of their websites are in Portuguese. This may be better for some.

You can also find books in foreign languages. It is really cheap to buy English-language books online, compared to other alternatives.


Continente, Jumbo

In general, these are smaller supermarkets. You can find smaller supermarkets for each brand in most towns. You can also find superstores in the major towns.

These superstores generally stock a great variety of products. You can browse online and have the order delivered to your address. Or they can be collected from your local store.


OLX is a website offering a wide range of second-hand products. Their website is in Portuguese so you may need to translate it. There are various categories ranging from cars to agriculture. It is worth noting that you may not find recently released products there.


If you are looking for international items, eBay can be of help. There is no Portuguese version of eBay yet. However, you can still use it from eBay UK or eBay Spain, as most sellers ship deliveries to Portugal.

Sports and Outdoors:

Sport Zone, Decathlon, Sports Direct

DIY and Garden:

Leroy Merlin, Aki, Mat Diver

Home and Kitchen:

Casa, Conforama

Toys, Children, and Babies:



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