eBay first started as an auction site for second-hand items. Now, most of the offered items are quite new.

There is no official eBay site in Portugal. However, you can still use eBay if you live in Portugal, and there are lots of sellers from European countries such as the UK and Germany.

eBay is not that popular in Portugal, but it is useful to buy a great number of unique items. Many expats in Portugal mainly use eBay UK or eBay Spain to order items. They then ship them to Portugal. 

If you search for Portuguese sellers on eBay, you won’t be able to find many.

Now let’s look into the details.

Can I Use eBay in Europe?

You can definitely use it. In fact, it will be even better for you to use eBay in an EU area if you have a Portuguese address. This will probably help you avoid import duties. Also, your delivery will arrive sooner if sent from Europe, compared to the US. This means a few days, where delivery from the US can take weeks in comparison. 

How can I Use eBay in Portugal?

It is a very easy process. If you don’t have an eBay account, you need to create one. Then, you need to indicate your postal address. Be careful to enter your Portuguese address if you want to use it in Portugal.

When this process is complete, you will see a list of possible items to be sent to Portugal. Then, you should see the final cost, including the postage costs as well. If you already have an eBay account, make your primary address the Portuguese one. 

The Purchase Process

We advise you to use eBay UK or eBay Spain. The reason is that most of the sellers in these areas ship orders to Portugal. Furthermore, you will probably not face any customs issues when the products enter Portugal. 

In general, most products on eBay from any country can be shipped to Portugal. Even so, eBay in the UK or Spain will be a better choice. This is because they are already closer to Portugal and in the EU area. Furthermore, if you understand English well, eBay UK can be easier to use and understand the important details about your purchase and other documents.

The Spain website is also viable. This is because you will see results mostly from sellers in the UK. If they ship items to Spain, then they will most probably ship to Portugal as well. 

What can I find on eBay?

There is a wide range of items, either new or second-hand for sale. You can even find items being sold on auction.

It may, however, be difficult for you to find antique or vintage Portuguese items on eBay. This is because there are not many Portuguese sellers on eBay. As an alternative, you can check the websites in the “Alternatives to eBay” section below. There you can find Portuguese sellers who sell second-hand or used items. OLX, Coisas, CustoJusto, and Facebook Marketplace are among them. 

Is It Cheap to Deliver Items to Portugal?

It will depend on the seller and the shipping service they provide. 

What is The Global Shipping Program?

eBay now offers a Global Shipping Program. It allows you to prepay the import charges before the shipping process. This will help you avoid extra charges when you receive the items in Portugal. However, they may still call you and require you to show proof of the value of the items and your payment of the customs charges. 

It is also important to check the currency conversion rates and shipping rates when you buy products on eBay. A conversion tool like Bloomberg can work well for you. 

Alternatives to eBay

You may very well not be able to find an item you are looking for on eBay. Or even if you do, they may not ship it to Portugal. In this case, you can try the following options:


OLX is an ad site in Portugal. You can find a wide range of products there under different categories.

The items include second-hand items, vintage Portuguese items, cars, furniture, properties, and so on. The website is also in Portuguese.


CustoJusto is similar to OLX. It is a Portuguese website. Here, there is also a wide range of categories. 

Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook Marketplace is another option. It has gained popularity in recent years. Many expats and Portuguese people use it actively. They advertise and sell items here. Bargaining is also possible, and you can filter the city where you live.


Like eBay, there is no Portuguese website for Amazon. However, Amazon Spain will be a good alternative. It also ships items to Portugal, and in some cases, the shipment may be free.


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