Finding a nice place for vacation is not a simple endeavor. When there are small children involved, it is extra hard. There are many reasons for this. The places to visit might not be fitting for little children, the activities might not be very safe, and the public spaces might not be very kid-friendly at the particular vacation spot. However, Lisbon is like a heaven for travelers with kids. With its numerous playgrounds and parks throughout the city, its interesting museums and shops, amazing locals, and a safe environment; the Portuguese capital is one of the best places for a vacation with kids. Portugal is one of the few countries that reserve parking spaces for pregnant women, and it is easy to see the locals’ admiration for children at every step along the trip. Here are some of the activities that visitors might enjoy together with their kids in Lisbon.

1Time Out Market

Formerly known as the Mercado da Ribeira, this food market offers some of the best dishes in the city. Including tasting dishes from the best chefs of Portugal, Time Out Market’s visitors enjoy their time around the halls also with some ice cream.

2Sao Jorge Castle

Located on a steep hill, Sao Jorge Castle is hard to reach on foot, especially with kids. Once there, it might also be hard to enjoy the castle while pushing a stroller. However, if the kids are old enough to walk and run around on their own, Sao Jorge is a great place to visit as a family. The whole place is like a playground for kids and a great spot to discharge their energy.

3Jeronimos Monastery

This UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site is a great place to spend time with kids. While the monastery has a huge courtyard where kids can enjoy their time, the architecture and grandeur of the building are also stunning.

4LX Factory

Established in a former industrial area in Lisbon, LX Factory is located right under the 25 de Abril Bridge. With its overall vibe as an art gallery, the place has great cookshops and coffee houses that sell amazing desserts for kids to enjoy.

5Jardim da Estrela

Right across the beautiful Basilica da Estrela, there is Jardim da Estrela. A very popular park both among tourists and locals, this great garden has many things to offer. Visitors of the park might enjoy the view of the duck pond under trees, watch some music performances or play with their children at the playground.

6Pavilhao do Conhecimento

This science center that involves many exhibits, modules, and game activities is the perfect place to both entertain and educate children. Also a great gathering and socializing place for children, this spot offers the definition of “quality time” with parents and their children.

7Oceanario de Lisboa

Europe’s second-largest aquarium, Oceanario de Lisboa, is especially popular among kids. With over 8000 species of marine life, the aquarium of Lisbon is another place where children are both educated and entertained.


Providing visitors with an adventurous trip through Lisbon, Hippotrip is a family activity with so much fun both for children and for parents. Visiting Torre de Belem, Jeronimos Monastery and River Tagus, it is one of the best activities around the city for families.

9Jamor Adventure Park

This theme park is technically outside the city center of Lisbon, but it’s only a 15-minute drive towards the west, so it is not a big trouble to reach there. Combining a set of drills above the ground-level, Jamor’s activities are great for families. Especially the circuit named “Little Forest” which is for 6-12 year-olds is a great one for the kids.

10Telecabine Lisboa

The cable car experience (telecabine) over the Tagus River’s shoreline is an amazing one that offers a panoramic and breath-taking view of the city of Lisbon. The trip takes around 20 minutes and awesome for kids who enjoy admiring their surroundings.


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