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In 2010, Portugal came to be the sixth country in Europe that approved same-sex marriage. Especially after that year, the country, and especially, Lisbon, has been regarded as a gay-friendly place. Although Lisbon has witnessed a homophobic government throughout the years, gay life in Lisbon Portugal is safe and fun now. 

While visiting Lisbon, you can see that neighborhoods like Principe Real and Bairro Alto have the best gay clubs in Lisbon. 

In this Lisbon gay guide, you’ll find more about gay bars and clubs, LGBTQ+-friendly hotels, and events. Let’s start with the bars. 

Gay Bars in Lisbon

There are some popular bars in Lisbon that attract the LGBTQ+ community. Before listing these bars, note that you start to drink late at night in these bars. Usually, drinking starts after 11 p.m. 

If you want to enjoy your time in gay bars Lisbon Portugal, you can go to neighborhoods like Bairro Alto and Principe Real. Bairro Alto tends to be more crowded compared to other areas. Sometimes, such places organize theme parties as well.


Being one of the oldest gay bars in Lisbon, 106 is a popular bar with its “message party”. It’s a party that’s held on Sundays. While entering the bar, everyone receives a number, and you write messages to the people who have these numbers. In the end, you meet new people. 

Besides the message party, live music and regular themed parties are other fun activities that 106 offers. 

Everyone can enter this bar, and drinks are mostly affordable. It’s a friendly place, so you can easily talk to people even if you have no company with you.


TR3S is a bar that’s popular among mostly older men and masculine bear men. One of the favorable features of the bar is that it has a terrace. So, you can sit outside and have a chat with others. 

The music is also not loud, so, you can still conversate with other people inside the bar as well. The music played here is 90s pop and the current popular ones. People usually drink beer at this bar. Cocktails are also favored as well. You can stop by this place in the afternoon as well. 


Located in Lisbon gay neighborhood, Principe Real, the Shelter opens at six p.m. Also, it offers happy hours as well. Although bears are the target community, Shelter welcomes all communities regardless of sexual orientation. 

You can listen to 80s playlists and Eurovision songs in this bar. Popular drinks that are served are craft beers, cocktails, and gins. 


Located in Bairro Alto, Side is another bar that gays prefer to go to. It’s also known as the “pink bar” because of the blare of pink inside. It’s open from six p.m. until two a.m. You can enjoy a variety of cocktails at this friendly bar.

Gay Clubs Lisbon Portugal

In Lisbon, you can have fun and dance in many gay clubs, especially in Principe Real. You can enjoy pop hits and electro-house and house music in such clubs. Let’s begin with Finalmente.

Finalmente Club

Finalmente is the oldest gay club in Lisbon, and it’s been operating since 1976. It’s popular for the drag performances and the effort for protecting LGBTQ+ rights. It’s often crowded, and drag performances start at around three a.m. On Mondays, you can see great drag queens on stage. It’s a small club but it attracts gay men of all ages. 


Trumps is the largest and first gay club Lisbon hosts. It’s open to all individuals with any sexual orientation. It’s also a hetero-friendly club as well. Trumps is known to host the wildest parties back in the 80s. Today, it still hosts special events and parties. 

The club has two dance floors, and they’re on the underground floor. For a more quiet place, you can sit by the entrance. On the large dance floor, you can enjoy dance and house music. On this floor, smoking is permitted, and it has a big stage for shows. The smaller dance floor offers some pop hits, and it gets crowded on Saturdays. 


Club Construction is another club located in Principe Real. It’s mainly designed for gay men and gets crowded after two a.m. Besides men, women and couples are also welcome.

There are three floors in this club, and the first two floors are designed for dancing. The ground floor has two bar areas and a coat hanger. The first floor has balconies that see the dance floor, and the top floor has a darkroom. 

Every week, the club hosts guest DJs and throws great parties.

LGBTQ+ Events in Lisbon

Lisbon hosts some popular events including Gay Pride and Queer Lisboa film festival. Such events usually take place between spring and autumn. 

Let’s have a brief look at these events. 

Gay Pride

Gay Pride takes place every year in June, and people march on Avenida da Liberdade. It’s accompanied by music and an enthusiastic crowd. After this event, after-parties are held. Such parties can even keep on until the following weekend as well. 

Arraial Lisboa Pride

The Arraial Lisbon Pride is another event that has been held since 1997. It’s the largest LGBTQ+ event that takes place in Portugal. The event is held in another Lisbon gay district, Terreiro do Paco. At this time of the year, there are entertainment and concerts held, and DJs performing. 

Queer Lisboa

Queer Lisboa is an international queer film festival. It’s also the first film festival in Portugal that’s dedicated to queer cinema. The festival is one of the largest such festivals in Europe and is held in September each year. At the festival, you can find more than 100 films. There are also awards given to certain categories. 

Gay Hotels and Sauna in Lisbon

There are several queer-friendly hotels and saunas in the gay area Lisbon. You can find some of the popular hotels below:  

  • The Late Birds
  • My Rainbow Rooms
  • Anjo Azul
  • Solar Dos Mouros, and
  • Bairro Alto Hotel.

Popular queer-friendly saunas in Lisbon include:

  • Trombeta Bath, and
  • Saunapolo 56. 

As you see, there are several bars and gay clubs in Lisbon Portugal offers the LGBTQ+ community to have more fun here. You can pay a visit to them when you’re around these neighborhoods. 


Is Lisbon a safe destination for LGBT travelers?

Yes, Lisbon is generally considered a safe destination for LGBT travelers. The city has a strong LGBT community and a long history of tolerance and acceptance.

Are there any specific neighborhoods in Lisbon that are popular with the LGBT community?

Yes, the neighborhood of Bairro Alto is considered to be the heart of Lisbon’s LGBT community. The area is known for its vibrant nightlife and is home to many bars, clubs, and restaurants that cater to the LGBT community.

Are there any annual events or festivals in Lisbon that are popular with the LGBT community?

Yes, the Lisbon Pride parade is the city’s largest annual event for the LGBT community. The parade typically takes place in June and attracts thousands of participants and spectators from all over the world.

Are there any resources or organizations in Lisbon that can provide support or information for LGBT travelers?

Yes, the Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Centre (CGL) is a local organization that offers support and information for LGBT travelers in Lisbon. The organization offers a range of services, including a helpline, a counseling service, and a library.

What is the LGBT community in Lisbon like?

The LGBT community in Lisbon is vibrant and active. The city is home to a number of bars, clubs, restaurants, and other businesses that cater to the LGBT community. There are also numerous organizations and events dedicated to promoting tolerance and acceptance within the city. All in all, Lisbon is an open-minded and welcoming destination for LGBT travelers.

What are some of the best places to go in Lisbon for LGBT nightlife?

Some of the best places to go in Lisbon for LGBT nightlife include Trumps Club, The Bloco Bar, and La Vie. All three venues offer an array of DJ sets and performances that cater to the LGBT community. Additionally, there are a number of other bars and clubs throughout the city that offer a fun and welcoming atmosphere for LGBT travelers.

What are some of the best LGBT-friendly restaurants in Lisbon?

answer: Some of the best LGBT-friendly restaurants in Lisbon include Cozinha de Abril, O Boteco do Bairro, and Nando’s. These restaurants are popular with locals and visitors alike for their flavorful dishes and welcoming atmospheres. Additionally, there are several other restaurants throughout the city that offer a friendly atmosphere for LGBT diners.

Are there any LGBT-specific accommodations in Lisbon?

Yes, there are several LGBT-specific accommodations in Lisbon. The city is home to a number of hotels, hostels, apartments, and other lodging options that cater to the needs of LGBT travelers. Additionally, some of these accommodations offer special amenities and services specifically for LGBT guests.

What are some of the best LGBT-friendly shops in Lisbon?

Some of the best LGBT-friendly shops in Lisbon include Bairro Alto Bookstore, Outra Vista, and Outra Vida. These stores offer a range of books, clothing, accessories, and other items that cater to the needs of LGBT travelers. There are also several other stores throughout the city that support the LGBT community.

Are there any LGBT-friendly gyms or sports clubs in Lisbon?

Yes, there are several LGBT-friendly gyms and sports clubs in Lisbon. Notable organizations include G & G Training Center, Outra Fitness, and Utopia Sports Club. These establishments offer a range of classes and activities for LGBT athletes of all levels. Additionally, several other gyms and sports clubs throughout the city also offer LGBT-friendly environments.

Are there any LGBT-friendly tour operators in Lisbon?

Yes, there are a number of LGBT-friendly tour operators in Lisbon. Notable organizations include Queer Portugal, Gay Lisbon Tours, and Pink Lisboa. These companies offer a range of tours and activities specifically tailored to the needs of LGBT travelers. Additionally, there are several other tour operators throughout the city that also offer services for LGBT tourists.

Are there any medical clinics or doctors in Lisbon that specialize in LGBT healthcare?

Yes, some medical clinics and doctors in Lisbon specialize in LGBT healthcare. These professionals provide a range of treatments and services specifically tailored to the needs of LGBT patients. Additionally, some clinics offer special programs and resources for LGBT people.

Are there any LGBT-friendly events or festivals held in Lisbon?

Yes, Lisbon hosts a number of LGBT-friendly events and festivals throughout the year. Notable events include Queer Lisboa, Lisbon Pride, and the Lisbon International LGBT Film Festival. These events provide a range of activities and entertainment for LGBT visitors from all over the world. Additionally, there are several other LGBT-friendly festivals and events held in Lisbon throughout the year.


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