Portugal types of visa

Portugal provides several visa types for individuals planning to live in the country. Portugal visas include a qualified worker visa, startup visa, or even a student visa. The country also offers a Golden Visa that provides a second residency through investment.

You’ll find more about the residency permit types as well as Portugal immigration visas and more below. You can choose the best Portugal visa for your needs and preference.

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa is one of the most popular residency by investment options. It provides EU residency in return for a qualified investment. Investment types are also various. They include real estate purchases, capital transfers, donations, and fund subscriptions. 

Many investors favor this Portugal visa program because it also allows your family members to be included. They can benefit from healthcare and education services as well as residency rights. 

Also, Portugal’s Golden Visa allows visa-free travel within Schengen countries. So, you can have access to 26 countries without proof of further documentation with your Portuguese Visa.

You can be eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship at the end of five years of residency as well. 

If you need more information about it, you can check out our article below.

How to Get Golden Visa Portugal 

Portugal Visa for Self-Employment

If you’re planning to work in a Portuguese company, this type of visa can be an ideal option for you. You need to prove that you’ll work with Portuguese companies in Portugal. While applying for this Portugal visa, you need to indicate a written proposal or a contract with a Portuguese company. While applying, you also need to obtain a tax number in Portugal, which is NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal). This is required because you’ll pay taxes on your worldwide income if you’re a full-time resident of Portugal.

A Portuguese visa for self-employment also allows you the right to live and work in Portugal. You’ll also have access to the Schengen countries without a visa requirement. 

In the first step, the visa is valid for two years. Following a renewal after two years, you can get another three years. When you complete a total of five years, you can be eligible to apply for permanent residence in Portugal. 

D7 Visa: Retiree Visa, or Passive Income Holder Visa

D7 is another popular visa type that Portugal offers. It is especially suitable for retirees and passive income holders. 

One of the main requirements is that you need to have a monthly income equal to the minimum wage in Portugal. Also, you need to accept staying in Portugal for a minimum of six consecutive or eight non-consecutive months. 

D2 Visa: Portugal Startup Visa for Entrepreneurs 

Portugal is willing to attract entrepreneurs worldwide. If you’re an entrepreneur and have an innovative business plan, you can consider a D2 Visa. Portugal is a reasonable option if you wish to establish a startup. Portuguese supports international entrepreneurs and new business ideas. Note that being innovative is the key point to getting a Portuguese Startup Visa.

D3 Visa: Portugal Qualified Worker Visa 

D3 Visa is suitable for individuals with exceptional qualifications or technical skills. So, if you’re qualified in a specific area, you can be eligible for a D3 Visa. You need to fulfill one of the following requirements to apply for this visa:

  • Having a one-year employment contract or an employment offer. The annual compensation also must be at least 1,5 times the national average gross annual salary
  • Holding high professional qualifications in regulated professions. These include being an expert in management positions, or intellectual and scientific activities
  • Holding high professional qualifications relevant to the activity or sector. They can be in non-regulated professions.

Portugal Tech Visa

Portugal provides this visa to attract more tech companies and innovative startups. 

Portugal Tech Visa is typically a certification aimed at companies with permanent offices or headquarters in Portugal. You can apply for this visa if you are talented and apply for a tech company holding this certificate. As a qualified worker, you can get a Portugal migration visa or a residence permit through this program.



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