There are daily and weekly newspapers published in Portugal both online and in print. Most of them are in the Portuguese language. Below you can find a list of top newspapers, magazines, and radios in Portugal.

Top 10 newspapers in Portugal

The Portugal News

The Portugal News provides news for both locals and expats. It’s also printed in English and is weekly distributed. There is also an ad section for the speakers of English. You can buy it in newsagents. However, you can find it free in certain places such as airports in Portugal. 

Correio da Manhã

It’s a daily tabloid newspaper, published in the Portuguese language. Established in 1979, the name of this newspaper means “The Morning Post”. It has a very high circulation among the other daily newspapers in Portuguese. Yet, to say the least, it doesn’t focus too much on news about celebrities or disputes. The focus is mainly on crimes and scandals.

Also, reading this newspaper can be a good practice to learn Portuguese. 


It’s a left-leaning newspaper printed daily and published in Lisbon. It mostly addresses serious issues. Some can compare Público to The Guardian in the UK, in these senses. It has been being published since 1990. In 2014, it gained an award in the category of nationwide newspapers by the European Newspapers Congress.


Expresso is a weekly newspaper published in Lisbon every Saturday. It belongs partly to the company Impresa. The newspaper sells around 100,000 copies. It comes with some freebies and magazines as well. Inside you can find news as well as cultural events. 

Jornal de Notícias

Jornal de Notícias is one of the oldest newspapers in Portugal. Founded in Porto, it was first published in 1888. Its circulation is quite high, and it is a widely-read newspaper. In this daily newspaper, you can mostly find local news, especially about the north of Portugal. The Global Notícias Media Group owns this newspaper and Diário de Notícias, as well as the radio station TSF. 

Diário de Notícias 

Like Jornal de Notícias, Diário de Notícias is also a daily newspaper published in Lisbon. Its history dates as far back as 1864. It has a high circulation like the former as well. 


It’s relatively a new newspaper, established in 2014 as a website. The daily newspaper Observador adopts a right-wing political orientation as well. It has also broadcast radio too, since 2019. 

In 2018, its publication “the Observador Lifestyle Magazine” was awarded as the best editorial project of the year by the Meios & Publicidade Awards.

Diário da República

It was called Diário do Governo until 1976 and is the official gazette of Portugal. It is divided into two “Series”. In the I Series, there are mainly laws and decisions by the Constitutional Court. In the II Series, there are public contracts, regulations, and so on. The newspaper is also available in electronic form. 

O Açoriano Oriental

The newspaper is founded in 1835, being one of the oldest Portuguese newspapers. It is published daily and in Portuguese. The center of the newspaper is Ponta Delgada in Azores, Portugal. 

O Mirante

O Mirante is a regional newspaper published weekly. Since 2002, it is available as an online newspaper as well. Daily updates are available on the online website. It has been published since 1987. 

Main sports newspapers in Portugal

There are mainly three sports newspapers in Portugal: Record, O Jogo, and A Bola.


It has been being published in Lisbon since 1949. It covers mainly updates about football events. Record was also the third best-selling newspaper in Portugal in 2007. 

O Jogo 

Meaning “The Game”, O Jogo was established in 1985. It is a daily sports newspaper published in Porto. 

A Bola

A Bola is another daily sports newspaper in Portugal. The main content of this newspaper is also football although it covers other sports as well. It has been in publication since 1945. Since 2012, the TV channel A Bola TV is on stream as well.

Most Read Newspapers in Portugal

Correio da Manhã (101,468 copies per issue) and Jornal de Notícias (54,791) are the most read newspapers in Portugal Furthermore, Correio da Manhã has a cable TV channel (CMTV) as well. As mentioned above, A Bola is another one among the most read Portuguese newspapers. It also has a TV channel.

Magazines From Portugal

  • Sábado: It is a weekly magazine covering topics like travel, politics, and culture. It’s also the first modern news magazine in Portugal. It’s published on Thursdays. It has been published since 2004.
  • Visão: First published in 1993, Visão is the successor to the weekly newspaper O Jornal. The headquarter of this magazine is in Lisbon.
  • Caras: Meaning “Faces” in English, the magazine Caras is similar to UK’s Hello. It is a women’s magazine mainly focusing on celebrities. It is also published weekly. In this magazine, you can also find news about health, beauty, fashion, and decoration. It’s been in publication since 2005 and gained Meios and Publicidade award in 2014 in the category of society publication. 
  • Blitz: Blitz is the main music magazine in Portugal. It is now published monthly. It was established in 1984. From 2018 on, it is available on digital media as well.
  • Nova Gente: Another weekly magazine covering mainly celebrity-related topics. 

Radios from Portugal

Radio channels in Portugal are great alternatives to newspapers and magazines if you want to do listening practice on a daily basis. There are both news and entertainment channels on Portuguese radios. Both music channels and radio programs are available within these radio stations. Furthermore, most of them are available online as well. 

If you want to listen to radio stations in English, Kiss FM will probably be one of the very few options. It is available in Lisbon and the Algarve region. 

As to the national stations, RTP (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal) is the public broadcaster in Portugal. It provides three main radio stations throughout the country. These are Antena 1, Antena 2, and Antena 3. You can have access to these three national stations throughout the country via cable, radio, or satellite. 

  • Antena 1: You can mainly find news, sports, and Portuguese music here. It also has certain regional stations in the main regions of Portugal as well. Its frequency is 87.7-106.7.
  • Antena 2: Its frequency is also 87.7-106.7. On this station, you can find world music and classical music.
  • Antena 3: You can find Antena 3 on the 92.3-107.9 frequency. You can find contemporary music and some alternative music on this station.
  • RDP Internacional and RDP África: These are the other stations provided by RTP, broadcasting in Portugal and Lusophone Africa.

Other popular radio stations in Portugal include:

  • Mega FM
  • Radio Comercial 
  • Rádio Renascença
  • Best Rock FM
  • Mix FM
  • Cidade
  • Oxigénio
  • M80 Radio
  • TSF Rádio Notícias
  • Rádio Radar, and
  • RFM.


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