Cascais is a holiday region that constantly updates itself. In contrast with its historical fabric, it also meets every need of a contemporary visitor. Cascais is one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations of Portugal’s coastline. It was a fishing town in the past. Nowadays, it is an attractive spot for tourists from all over the world.

Historically, Cascais was the holiday spot for the Portuguese royalty. Still protecting its cultural heritage and fabric, the town also caters to the interests of a young, 21st-century tourist. From museums to a fort, picturesque streets to luxury houses, Cascais has it all. Also, the town is close to both Lisbon and Sintra.

When Should Tourists Visit Cascais?

The high season of tourism in Cascais is summer. Since Cascais is a coastal town, tourists mostly prefer visiting the spot in July or August. However, the holiday season in the area includes late spring. It also extends well into October since the early autumn in the area is pleasantly warm. To dodge the crowds and very hot temperatures, it is ideal to choose late spring or early autumn for a vacation in Cascais. May and September are perfect for beach days in Cascais. The water in the area is always refreshing and cold. Even on the hottest days, it does not reach above 21C.

The Beaches of Cascais

The world-class resort town has world-class beaches. Most of these are very close to central Cascais. These are the Praia da Conceiçao, the Praia da Rainha, the Praia da Ribeira, and the Praia da Duquesa. These are all high-quality beaches. The texture of the sand and the clarity of their waters is marvelous.

Cascais has also a perfect beach for surfing. The name of the beach is the Praia do Guincho. The north of Cascais is often windy and wavy. So, the beaches in this part are often considered as surfing beaches. Surfers around the world come here to practice and perfect their craft.

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The east of Cascais has beaches with milder conditions. These beaches are often preferred by families with children. Anyone looking for peace rather than excitement can fall in love with these beaches. The most popular beaches in this area are the Praia de Carcavelos and the Praia de Sao Pedro.

How to Get to Cascais from Lisbon

Cascais a resort town close to Lisbon. So, it is not a big deal to reach Cascais from the Portuguese capital. The regional railway system includes a connection between Lisbon and Cascais. It is regular and cheap. The departure station of the wagon is the Cais do Sodre in Lisbon. A single ticket costs EUR 2.25. The trip takes around 35 to 40 minutes.

It is also very easy to arrive at the Cais do Sodre station from the Lisbon Airport. Visitors may simply use the red line to reach Alameda station, and switch to the green line at Alameda to reach Cais do Sodre. A single ticket for this subway trip costs EUR 1.50.

Highlights of a Vacation in Cascais

There are many reasons why tourists should consider visiting Cascais. The town is historically rich and modern at the same time. It has centuries-old landmarks, and amazing contemporary restaurants and cafes. Cascais offers to its visitors both a calm and peaceful vacation; and one full of vibrant nightlife with fun activities. Since the town is also close to Lisbon, Sintra, Ericeira, and other popular places, day trips to and from Cascais are also highly recommended.

Tourists visiting Cascais may rest or surf at its beaches, enjoy the scenery harmonizing nature and history, or take day trips to other wonders of Lisbon and Portugal.

Accommodation in Cascais

You haven’t really visited Portugal if you have not stepped foot in Cascais. As a must-see for tourists, the town has its share of hotels for tourists with all budget levels.

Here are the hotels that you must check out before visiting Cascais.


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