El Corte Inglés of Lisbon is the only department store in the city and it has everything. As a huge building, El Corte Inglés has everything from clothing to accessories, from decoration to sports, and many others like perfumes, cosmetics, technology, kids’ aisles, food, jewelry, etc. Home to many world-famous brands, El Corte Inglés is a favorite spot both for locals and tourists.

1A Very Versatile Shopping Experience

Some of the brands included in this magnificent store are Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Bvlgary, Coach, Escada, Versace, Gant, Loewe, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Longchamp, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Gap, Guess, Roberto Verino, Tommy Hilfiger, Apple, Sony, Samsung, HP, Canon, JBL, Adidas, Nike, Asics, Cougar, New Balance and many more.

2Unique Quality of Customer Service

The store also has revolutionary methods in customer service and discount ideas. For instance, the store has a service for carrying the goods to the designated location for the shoppers. If the customer requires their goods to be sent to a specific location, the store provides this service. Another amazing quality of the store is the discount privileges for tourists. If the tourists bring their passports to show that they are non-resident tourists, they can get a special card which allows them to enjoy a 10 percent total discount over their shopping. They can also take advantage of VAT return, but this is only for tourists arriving from outside the European Union.

3Professional Shopping Assistance

Another amazing service provided by the El Corte Inglés is the professional shopping assistance. If requested by the shoppers, El Corte Inglés provides a service that involves experienced professionals in the fashion arena to serve the shoppers’ needs and interests. In this service, the store’s professionals engage with the shopper and make suggestions according to their desired image.

4Popular Among All Demographics

A favorite spot for families, friends, couples, and shoppers alike, El Corte Inglés offers unprecedented customer service. The store in Lisbon is situated in the Avenidas Novas area which is very close to the city center. With its endless variety of products and brands, El Corte Inglés never fails to impress its customers. On top of it all, offering unique privileges and advantages to its customers from all around the world, El Corte Inglés provides its visitors with a unique shopping experience that is truly unmatched.

The tourists who are dazzled by the countless iconic structures of the beautiful city of Lisbon can enjoy El Corte Inglés’ unique services while having a rest from all the historic richness of the city.


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