Found approximately in the middle of Lisbon and Cascais, the wide sandy shores of Carcavelos is one of the biggest on the Lisbon coast (it’s the greatest among Lisbon and Cascais). Its solid waves and surf schools draw in surfers and bodyboarders. The sand covers a 1-kilometer strip and it is very well known among beach volleyball and football enthusiasts, who will be very pleased to discover nets hanging tight for them. The promenade additionally draws in skaters and joggers, even in wintertime, and there are pull-up bars and different gyms.

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It Can Accommodate Different Tastes

On the eastern end is the post of São Julião da Barra, completed in 1553 to control the passage to the port of Lisbon. Today, it’s the official habitation of Portugal’s Minister of Defense. The closer you get to the fortress, the calmer it is, as the groups will in general remain near the way to the train station. This area by the stronghold is rough; however, on low tide, it makes little ordinary pools for the individuals who lean toward more quiet waters.

Active All Year Long

Between the long periods of May and September, there are wicker parasols for a limited time of lease and massage rooms. A significant number of the diners and bars with outside seating and enough room for crowds remain open consistently. On New Year’s Day, this is the place where many groups get to socialize for the primary plunge of the year.

Services Are Plenty and Well Facilitated

This may not be the most tranquil beach on the Lisbon shoreline, yet its size, offices, and helpful transportation joins make it an objective for everybody. It currently rivals Praia da Conceição in Cascais as the vacationers’ top choice, to a limited extent likewise on account of its surf schools (where hardware can be leased). Throughout the spring-summer washing season, it’s administered by lifeguards, and the swimming and riding regions are isolated.

Easy to Reach

To get Carcavelos from Lisbon, take the train from Cais do Sodré station. It leaves at regular intervals, and the excursion takes only 26 minutes (19 minutes at times of heavy traffic – mornings until 10 AM and nights from 5 PM to 8:30 PM). At that point, it’s not exactly a 10-minute stroll down a pine-scented street from the station to the beach. You may simply follow the groups of people from this point on. Remember, on the off chance that you have bought the Lisboa Card, you may ride the train free of charge.

Accommodation in Carcavelos

Carcavelos is very conveniently located right between Lisbon and Cascais. It may be the ideal place to find accommodation if you are just visiting town.

Here are the hotels that you must check out before visiting Carcavelos.


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