Being a Mediterranean city comes with great leisure time, “siesta”, and relaxation, and Lisbon is not an exception. Here are five wonderful spas to take a look at during your time in the city. Whether you’re in desperate need of a good deep tissue, or you simply want to escape your family for a few hours, these five have everything you need.

1Olissippo Lapa Palace Spa in Lisbon

Being a five-star resort, The Lapa Palace draws global attention. Everything from the rooms to the spa facilities is the picture of opulence and a treatment here really is the definitive of “treating yourself”. After you complete your treat at Olissippo Spa, Turkish Baths welcome you right on the same property. If the weather permits, you’ll also be able to enjoy the outdoor swimming facilities set in the lush green garden overlooking the Tagus. If you value attention to detail, intimate hospitality and world-class facilities, this spa can be the epitome of bliss for you in Lisbon.

2Real Spa Therapy

The thalassotherapy option and the enviable oceanfront location place this spa in a league of its own. The extensive range of face and body care options that are provided by the renowned center are supplemented by day treatments with thalassotherapy. Not surprisingly, this method uses straight seawater, given that the spa is set within the oceanfront Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel in Cascais. The properties of a marine environment can catalyze the active principles of remineralization detoxification, hydration, oxygenation, toning and plenitude, and thalassotherapy can help treat and rheumatoid illnesses and alleviate the condition of some neurological disorders.

3Float in Spa in Lisbon

The Float In Spa has several vicinities around Lisbon, but the ones in Belém and Picoas are the originals and among the best. This modern spa is renowned for its flotation therapy program designed to combat physical and mental fatigue, as well as alleviating stress and tension, rejuvenating the skin and stimulating blood flow. The customers enjoy a meditative treat in the comfy flotation tanks which are filled with water plus 300 kilos of Epsom salt, which makes it dense enough to “levitate” people inside. They also have a long list of alternative spa treatments for those who aren’t interested in the relaxation of floating.

4Bspa By Karin Herzog in Lisbon

Another Belém based spa, Herzog created this one around the four elements; earth, water, fire, and wind. This was done with the interning to enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of all who enter into the space. Bspa is known around town thanks to the availability of their “chocolate facial”. Made famous thanks to its supposed anti-aging properties, the facial is one of the most popular treatments at the spa.

5The Spa in Lisbon

Corinthia Hotel’s joint spa facility may have a simple name but it is one of the biggest ones in the whole city. While The Spa specialized in anti-aging treatments, their range of other procedures is lengthy; everything from sensory showers to cold plunge tanks is available at this one-stop-shop. Since the hotel is a very prestigious one, their association makes this spa desirable for VIP guests.


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