Lisbon’s climate is the Mediterranean which causes the Portuguese capital to get hot during summers. Also, Lisbon has a long ocean coast which causes the climate to get extra mild and summers to last longer. During the summer months, air temperature in Lisbon ranges between 32-37 C degrees. These months are also the most popular time of the year for tourists. Many tourists from around the globe flock to Lisbon to enjoy the festivals and good weather. However, these reasons are exactly the ones for some people to enjoy Lisbon more in winter because, after the crowd and craze of summer fade away, the city gets quieter, calmer, more peaceful, and more melancholic.

The Fact That It is Off-Season

Winter is regarded as the off-season of the Lisbon tourism calendar. This is precisely why, in some sense, the enchanting capital of Portugal is much more enjoyable during winter. The city is stripped free of its crowds of tourists, the prices are cheaper, the streets are calmer and quieter.


The fact that winter is the off-season of Lisbon makes the city much more peaceful during that period. Lisbon, lately, became one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and that is why the city tends to get overcrowded during the high season. Usually, it is not a big problem. However, if you do not want to wait in lines to access to main attractions and enjoy the streets, keeping them all to yourself, winter is the time to visit the beautiful Portuguese capital.


Another important factor that makes winter travel to Lisbon very desirable is the low costs of accommodation and traveling during the off-season. Lisbon –and Europe in general- is not very cheap in terms of tourism. Still, Lisbon is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe, and especially during the off-season when prices are cut, it offers great memories and experiences for lower costs. Also, the fact that fewer people are interested in going to Lisbon in winter increases the chance to find available, quality, and cheap accommodation and travel options.


Although unsurprisingly the weather in Lisbon during winter is cold, it still is significantly hotter than most European destinations. Because the city gets plenty of sunlight in winters, too, the weather temperature does not go lower than 8-10 degrees. Therefore, the weather in winter in Lisbon is also great for traveling, walking along the streets, and enjoying the delights offered by the Portuguese capital.

Main Sights are Still There, and Only for You

During winter, Lisbon’s quietness grants many advantages to its lucky visitors. All the main attractions of the city are still there in winter with all their grandeur and they do not suffer from all the crowd of the summer. Long queues in front of the best destinations, crowds in museums that force one to leave the gallery without enjoying it fully, and the strange hum of people that accompany visitors during their walks are gone. The city in winter is only for its privileged visitors. Enjoying Lisbon in winter feels like the city is there just for you, and not for the millions.


For further reading, here’s a list of things to do on a cold and rainy winter day in Lisbon. 


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