What is Fado?

Being a tourist should not necessarily mean observing the new material with the eye, a true touristic experience must also appeal to your eyes. You will find in Lisbon the true origins of Fado music and who knows, while listening to it, you can also find a part of the soul of a Lisboner.

Fado is a kind of music performed by 3 people: a vocal singer, a classical guitarist, and a Portuguese guitarist. Fado is derived from the Latin word for “destiny” and you will find some words of wisdom around this theme in the lyrics.

It is often an effort in vain to try and describe and art like music in writing. The best and easiest way for you to have an idea is to listen to some songs online. Even if you don’t speak any Portuguese, you will immediately recognize the melancholic tone of these songs.

Where to listen to Fado?

Fado has its origins in Lisbon and it is undoubtedly the best city to listen to it. In Lisbon, you can find many “Fado Clubs” (Casas de Fado). Fado Clubs are traditionally small houses that play Fado music regularly. If you want to enjoy your dinner while listening to Fado, you can also find restaurants that offer concerts.

Below you will find a list of the best Fado Clubs of Lisbon:

Fado in Mouraria

Maria da Mouraria” is the best place to listen to Fado in this part of the city. It is a family business and you can feel the cozy atmosphere of a family place.

Fado in Alfama

  • Mesa de Frades: You will find friendly service and excellent Fado in Mesa de Frades. You can go earlier to have a delicious dinner and stay through the night for the Fado concert. It is open from Monday to Saturday.

To make a reservation: (+351) 917 029 436

Address: Rua dos Remédios 139.

  • Clube de Fado: Even though this venue is often labeled as “too touristy”, you might have a pleasant surprise. The menu might seem a little expensive but you will find the portion sizes to be overwhelming and the music to be fabulous.

To make a reservation: (+351) 917 029 436

Address: Rua S. João Praça, 86 – 94

  • Parreirinha de Alfama: In Parreirinha de Alfama, you might have the most memorable night of your Lisbon trip. The food is great but don’t forget to stop eating when the performance starts! Parreirinha de Alfama is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

To make a reservation: (+351) 218 ​​868 209

Address: Beco do Espírito Santo 1

  • Casa de Linhares: The local artists perform here in a marvelous and historic building. The good food and music is guaranteed. The only downside is that some visitors find the mealtime a little bit too long.

To make a reservation: (+351) 910 188 118

Address: Beco dos Armazéns do Linho 2


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