Cascais is one of the most popular day trips from Lisbon. This little coastal town which is a traditional fishing region offers its visitors many pristine beaches. Cascais also has many historical buildings, museums, and authentic sceneries. With its 9 kilometer-long coastline, the popular resort town offers tourists many spots to enjoy their vacation. Located 30 km to the west of Lisbon, Cascais has a direct railway line to Lisbon named “Linha de Cascais”. Although people usually prefer this option as the main transportation preference between the capital and Cascais, there are other choices available.

How to Travel from Lisbon to Cascais by Train?

Linha de Cascais is a railway line that covers the northern border of Tejo Estuary. The line on one end has the station named Cascais which is conveniently central to the resort town. On the other end of the line, there is the Cais do Sodre station which is at the center of the Portuguese capital and it is very easy to reach. Very close to Baixa and Alfama, Cais do Sodre is the terminus of Lisbon’s green line. From this station, Linha de Cascais follows the coastal line which hosts many beautiful beaches.

Located 30 km to the west of Lisbon, Cascais has a direct railway line to Lisbon named “Linha de Cascais”.

The journey costs 2.25 euros for an adult and another 2.25 for the way back. Lisbon transportation has several other programs which might be more advantageous like 24-hour train tickets for 6 euros, 72-hour train tickets for 13.50 euros, or 24-hour all-transportation tickets for 10.55 euros. The trip takes around 35 minutes and it is the recommended option of transportation between Lisbon and Cascais.

How to Travel from Lisbon to Cascais by Car?

The distance between the Portuguese capital and Cascais is around 30 km which takes longer to go through by car than by train. In case of no traffic and good conditions, the trip duration might be reduced to 30 minutes, but it is not advisable to go from Lisbon to Cascais by car, because the popular vacation town tends to become overcrowded and tourists have troubles finding parking spots. However, the route offers nice views of the sea.

How to Train from Lisbon to Cascais by Bus?

People who want to travel from Lisbon to Cascais may also choose to travel by bus. However, this option is also not very popular. It does not really save time and it is not really more comfortable than using the train, but more importantly, the bus station which is the departure point of buses from Lisbon is not very central. Therefore, it causes additional, unnecessary stress by including another trip which takes some time off of the vacation plan.

If you want to know more about Cascais, you can take a look at our Tourist’s Guide to Cascais.


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