The Rossio Train Station is the former Central Train Station of Lisbon. The station is important for its function as a connection between Lisbon and Sintra.

It is an architectural masterpiece. Thus, it is both a transportation hub and a tourist attraction.

History of the Rossio Train Station

Rossio Train Station is built in the last quarter of the 19th century. The exact date is between 1886 and 1887. The station is built by the Portuguese Royal Railway Company. The company authorized Jose Luis Monteiro to design the station. Both in its beauty and engineering quality, the station is considered a magnificent work of art.

The tunnel leading out of the Rossio Train Station is 2,613 m long. Back in the day, this was a very impressive underground engineering work. The station was the main terminus of Lisbon until 1957. The structure remained as the central station for around 70 years.

The Architecture of the Rossio Train Station

Nowadays, the Rossio Train Station does not function as the main terminus of Lisbon. However, it is still one of the most important landmarks of the city. With its Romantic and Neo-Manueline exterior, the station always attracts visitors. At the top of the façade, some turrets and pinacols ornament the structure. The entrance of the station is marked by two horseshoe-shaped gates. There used to be a statue of King Sebastian in-between these gates. Yet, in 2016, a tourist attempted to climb the statue for a photograph. The sculpture was dislocated and destroyed at the incident.

Location of the Rossio Train Station

The exact coordinates of the station are GPS 38.71439, -9.14067. This location corresponds to the central Baixa. It connects two of the most popular squares of Lisbon. These squares are Praça dos Restauradores and Praça D. Pedro IV (or the Rossio Square). The station also connects to the city’s subway system. It is connected to the Rossio station of Lisbon metro. The station is part of the green line of the metro.

Trip Between Lisbon and Sintra

Rossio Train Station connects Lisbon and Sintra. The trip involves many stops. The distance in-between Lisbon and Sintra is around 27 km. With the Rossio Train, the trip takes around 45 minutes. There are many departures throughout the day and the tickets cost little. A single ticket for an adult costs 2.25 euros. For children, tickets are 1.15 euros. The trip back costs double the initial ticket price.


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