The “lifts”, or “elevadores / ascensors” in Lisbon are essentially funiculars that help local people and visitors alike climb the precarious and long inclines that are the trademarks in Lisbon. The capital of the country has three funicular lines, which were all planned by the Portuguese specialist engineer & designer Raoul Mesnier de Ponsard. He has additionally overseeded the plan of the Santa Justa Lift. The three lifts are named as such: Elevador do Lavra, Elevador da Glória, and Elevador da Bica. The cost of a ticket when purchased onboard is € 2.90 (US$ 3.10), anyway with the 7 Colinas or Vava Viagem card this is reduced to € 1.45 (US$ 1.60)

Elevador da Bica – Get Your Cameras Fully Charged!

On the off chance that you need a one-of-a-kind involvement with Lisbon, take the Elevador da Bica. Being the most advertised funicular in Lisbon, because of the emotional complexity between the precarious course and the waterway out of sight, this is one of the city’s most prominent attractions. What makes Ascensor da Bica so exceptional is that it runs straight through a road with traditional and cozy homes on the two sides. This is unique about the lanes that Ascensor da Gloria or Ascensor do Lavra pass through. It associates Largo do Calhariz to Rua de São Paulo in a strong drop conceivable by walking yet a climb just reasonable for the solid. Improved by freelance craftsmen in its design, and observing the lively nightlife in Rua da Bica first hand, the cable car appears to share the energy of the remainder of the city during the Festas Populares. Regarded as a national landmark since 2002 and in use for a century, you may attempt to shoot the two cable cars with your camera as they cross, with the vivid houses and extravagant verandas as the ideal setting in the background.

At the moment when you show up here from Cais do Sodré, on Rua de São Paulo, focus on the excellent tiles (In Portuguese means tiles) at this stop. The aura is supernatural, the tiles and the passage where the enchanting cable car is hanging tight for the following ride immediately draw your attention. Everything provokes you to go there again with the Ascensor da Bica.

Elevador da Glória – Enjoy Panoramic Views

At the top, only three minutes away through Rua do Loreto, don’t miss the dazzling panorama provided by the point known as Miradouro de Santa Catarina.

The most popular and generally famous of the three links of lifts is the Elevador da Glória. It associates Restauradores Square with Rua San Pedro de Alcántara in Bairro Alto.

At the top piece of the Funicular, in Bairro Alto, you’ll appreciate some brilliant scenes over Lisbon, provided by San Pedro de Alcántara. The best in the city as many would like to think.

The Elevador da Glória was opened for public use on 24 October 1885.

The Lift of Lavra – Old and Faithful

The Lavra Lift or Elevador do Lavra was introduced in 1884 which makes it the city’s most seasoned cable link vehicle. It unites the roads Câmara Pestana and Largo da Anunciada together, which runs opposite to Avenida da Liberdade.


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