Algarve has some of the most beautiful coastlines of Portugal and traveling there from Lisbon is quite easy and enjoyable. It’s worth a visit not only for its beaches and spas, but also for its historical significance. Algarve’s coast is where Portuguese explorers set off to discover new places and cultures in the 15th century. Now, the city awaits new explorers to enjoy its sunshine and its charming fishing towns. Algarve, with an area of 5 thousand square kilometers, has a coastline of approximately 155 km.

How to Travel from Lisbon to Algarve by Train?

Traveling by train from Lisbon to Algarve takes approximately 3 hours. You can take the train from Lisbon in the station “Gare do Oriente in Parque das Nações”.

The one-way tickets start from 23 Euros. The faster option is Alfa Pendular (AP) and it works between Lisbon and Faro twice a day and it stops in Albufeira and Loulé. The slower train, the Intercidades, is slower only by 30 minutes and it makes the same route 3 times a day. After getting off at Albufeira-Ferreiras train station, a taxi can be taken to make the 7 km journey to the famous coastal town of Albufeira. Even though the journey requires a taxi ride, the train is one of the best options to travel to the towns of Albufeira, Loulé, or Faro.

To go to Lagos, Tavira, or Vila Real de Santo António, you can get off Tunes station and transfer to the Regional train to Lagos / Vila Real de Santo António. We highly recommend traveling to these areas by bus rather than train even though it takes a little bit longer.

You can check the fees and timetables on CP’s website and you can book your ticket online. Note that you can get a discount if you book in advance.

How to Travel from Lisbon to Algarve by Bus?

Busses from Lisbon to Algarve are quite frequent. Busses are going to resort towns such as Albufeira, Alvor, Armação de Pêra, Faro, Lagos and Tavira. The trip takes up to 4 hours. In the busses, there are power sockets and wi-fi. One way tickets to Algarve cost 19 Euros. You can take the bus at Sete Rios Bus Terminal (blue metro line) or Gare do Oriente in Parque das Nações (red metro line).

You can book your tickets in advance in Rede Expressos’ website below:

How to Travel from Lisbon to Algarve by Car?

Traveling by car from Lisbon to Algarve can be more comfortable, as you don’t get to be bothered with changing a vehicle, taking a taxi or walking to your accommodation venue. However, you should be aware that you would need to pay around 20 Euros on the toll roads. Toll roads shorten the journey by an hour, so it might be worth the fee. The journey from Lisbon to Faro takes around 3.5 hours on the non-toll roads and 2.5 hours on the toll roads (A2).

A2 motorway connects to A22, which is an electronic-only toll-road. To pay the toll-fee electronically, either you need to have a transponder in your car in advance (we recommend that you ask about it when renting a car) or you would need to pay it either online or in a post-office. In A2, there are cash/card toll machines in addition to the electronic option.

How to Travel from Lisbon to Algarve by Plane?

There are daily flights from Lisbon to Faro and it takes around 45 minutes. Faro airport is 6 km away from the city center. You will first need to travel to Faro by airport shuttle to take the bus or train to other parts of the Algarve. In total, it costs much more than other options and you don’t save much time since you need to make additional journeys between city centers and airports.


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