Wine tasting is one of those sublime exercises that transform the straightforward act of drinking into a multi-faceted excursion. Therefore, investigating & exploring the underrated subtleties of a nation’s wine culture is a superb method to improve your involvement with another country.

When it comes to Portugal, while Porto is known as a famous name for wine tasting enthusiasts around the World thanks to its exports from the port, the capital Lisbon ought not to be disregarded as well as an awesome place to participate in the Portuguese wine experience. There are some spots worthy to consider in Lisbon if you want to train your degustation skills further.

Lisbon Winery

The Lisbon Winery is situated in Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s hip neighborhood which is specked with dance clubs, bars, and cafés. The lofty ascension (or streetcar ride) to arrive at the bumpy highest point of this region is certainly justifies the effort regardless of the exertion. Past the numerous foundations here, the bubbly neighborhood is frequently embellished with beautiful decorations that stretch from one side of the road to the next. It provides you with an authentic Lisbon Wine Tasting experience with its broad wine menu & supplementary food selections.

By the Wine

With a bent roof canvassed in no under 3267 jugs and a dozen workers waiting always prepared in the basements of Azeitão, this wine bar and eatery is a suitable location for any wine enthusiasts visiting Lisbon. The choice of wines is all coming from José Maria da Fonseca’s home selection, the most seasoned table wine organization in Portugal that established in 1834 in Vila Nogueira de Azeitão. Why not sit down at the bar and taste some elegant wines completed by some Portuguese tapas?


Situated in a previous pharmacy, proprietor Victor Cordero has supplanted medication bottles with jugs of beverages. Carrying an antiquated Roman celebration commending the divine force of wine Bacchus (Dionysius in Greek) into the Lisbon wine tasting scene, this rich bar exactly satisfies its name, serving more than 120 wines by the glass or the full bottle. Authentically renovated building can host 14 seats maximum!


ViniPortugal, a philanthropic association speaking to the Portuguese wine industry & Lisbon Wine Tasting Experience, offers wine enthusiasts another approach to test the country’s collection. Hemmed in Lisbon’s Commerce square close by the Tagus River, it is a breezy location fixed with tons of wines on offer. Testers buy cards for 1-2.5 euros from the clerk and put the cards in the automat-like machine slots after choosing the sample they wish to taste.

Chafariz do Vinho

Can be called as well as “Wellspring of Wine”, this is the previous site of a well-head indeed, associated with the Aqueduct of Aguas Livres – a great eighteenth-century structure traversing Lisbon’s long valley. Nowadays, it is a notable wine bar with its own unique vault that boosts magnificent conditions for preserving hundreds of various wines on offer or sale. 18.00-20.30 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are happy hour during when you may taste up to four wines for just 10 euros.


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