Traveling between Lisbon and Porto is quite enjoyable because of the beauty of the route. The distance covering the area between two of the largest cities of Portugal is full of amazing features with views of the Atlantic from time to time. As both of these cities are within the central part of Portugal, the transportation in-between is considerably comfortable, fast, and affordable.

Since Porto and Lisbon are well-developed, popular, large, and central cities, the transportation in-between is not hard by any means. There are many options one can take advantage of. It all depends on the interests of the traveler. The favorable option changes according to the needs of the tourist like the budgetary time restrictions. The most popular options for traveling between Lisbon and Porto are by car, by bus, by plane and by train.

1How to Travel from Lisbon to Porto by Car

Traveling by car is not among the cheapest options. However, it provides travelers with valuable freedom and flexibility. If the travel is by car, it is possible to make arbitrary stops at interesting places. It is possible to stop by a nice place for a meal. The distance between Lisbon and Porto is around 310 km which takes approximately 3 hours to cover by car. One thing to keep in mind is that every driver needs an International Driver’s Permit to be able to drive a car abroad.

2How to Travel from Lisbon to Porto by Plane

Traveling by plane from Lisbon to Porto is, again, not among the cheapest options. Since the trip takes less than an hour and there are several flights every day, it is possible to find tickets for around 80 euros. Still, it does not mean that this trip saves travelers a lot of time, because the time lost during check-in or luggage retrieval will eventually make up for the time gained during transportation.

3How to Travel from Lisbon to Porto by Bus

Traveling from Lisbon to Porto by bus is the cheapest option which costs around 20 euros. Buses are departing almost every hour daily. So it is very easy to catch a bus whenever desired. The trip takes around 3-and-a-half hours.

4How to Travel from Lisbon to Porto by Train

Using the traveling option by train is probably the most logical one among all options. It takes almost an hour less than traveling by bus, although it is a few euros more expensive, usually a little bit more than 30 euros. Santa Apolonia station is the central departure station which is also the most popular.


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