Traveling between Spain and Portugal is always fun. Iberian neighbors have many culturally and historically important cities that are overflowing with natural beauties. Two of these cities are Seville and the Portuguese capital Lisbon. The route in-between is also one of the popular routes among tourists. Both cities are breath-taking in every sense of the word. Planning a vacation connecting these two cities is a good idea, because it is so much fun without a lot of trouble in traveling.

Belem Tower, Alfama, Sao Jorge Castle, Jeronimos Monastery, Tram 28, Santa Justa Elevator, The statue of Cristo Rei, and many more attractions of Lisbon; Roman towns Merida and Italica, city of Badajoz and many more attractions of Seville are within this route. They are only a few hours apart with several traveling options.

1How to Travel from Seville to Lisbon by Plane

For travelers using this option, it is possible to find tickets that cost around 110 euros per person. The flight takes just a little over an hour, around 70 minutes. The trip starts from Seville Airport (SVQ). Airport sells tickets for three departures daily. It is smart to go to the airport a few hours earlier just in case. The trip might get a bit cheaper if the tickets are bought considerably in advance. The total distance of the flight is around 320 km.

2How to Travel from Seville to Lisbon by Train

For travelers using the option to travel from Seville to Lisbon by train, the trip starts from the Seville Santa Justa Train Station and ends at the Lisboa Santa Apolonia station. The ticket price for this destination is around 60 euros per person and it takes a little less than 3 hours. There are several stops in Merida, Badajoz, and Entroncamento. The distance between the stations of Seville and Lisbon is around 500 km. Trains of this trip have bathrooms for travelers’ convenience.

3How to Travel from Seville to Lisbon by Bus

Several traveling agencies organize trips between Seville and Lisbon. This results in many options throughout the day. Around 20 departures take place from Seville daily. Accordingly, the bus departs as early as 7 AM or as late as 11.59 PM. Bus tickets from Seville to Lisbon cost around 25 euros and the trip takes around 6.5 to 8 hours with a distance of 460 km.


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