Lisbon is one of those cities where one loses themselves in a dream-like state in which it is possible to fall in love with everything. To double that effect, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to fully experience the city’s charm. With its beautiful castles, vintage streets and cafes, Lisbon is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Especially during sunset, every sight in the city is like a separate postcard photograph. So, there are many things couples can do in this beautiful city on Valentine’s Day, and here are some of them.

1Sunset at Ribeira das Naus

Tagus River of Lisbon is one of the most important geographic features of Portugal, and it is hard to ignore its effect on the city’s culture and tourism in general. With the city’s emphasis and attention near the banks of the Tejo River, it is always cheerful and pleasant to spend time along the shores of the stream. It is especially heart-warming to walk the shoreline during sunset as a couple. The Avenida Ribeira das Naus between the Praça do Comércio and the Cais do Sodré is a great place to do it while watching the scenery of 25 de Abril Bridge over the water.

2Boat Trip on the Tagus River

One of the classic activities in the capital of Portugal is to have a boat trip on the Tagus River. Offering a unique perspective of the city from the river, this activity is great for couples enjoying a romantic date because either during the sunrise or the sunset, Lisbon provides its visitors with enchanting beauties mingled together, both natural and human.

3Palacio da Pena

Palacio da Pena is, in the strictest sense of the word, unique. Standing high on the highest peak of the Serra de Sintra, the palace is a mixture of several architectural styles. With its colorful exteriors and cartoon-like features, Palacio da Pena looks like a product of a wild imagination. Both romantic and lavish, interiors of the palace offer couples a royal date with priceless items from the past.

4Tram 28

Another classic but also wonderful way to enjoy a romantic day in the Portuguese capital is by a trip on the famous yellow Tram 28. Rolling among the countless monuments and attractions of the city, Tram 28 goes through some of the most beautiful streets of central Lisbon. Like a quick panorama of the life in central Lisbon, Tram 28’s journey through the cobblestone streets charms lovers and offers a unique experience.

5Elevador de Santa Justa

One of the most beautiful districts of the city, Baixa, hosts the Elevador de Santa Justa. With its dock on top, Santa Justa provides its guests with breath-taking views of the city. For a romantic photograph with Lisbon as the background, Santa Justa is the perfect place.


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