The convent that now houses the restaurant is one of the oldest in the capital. It was built at the end of the 13th century. The name, ‘Convent of the Holy Trinity of the Trine Friars of the Redemption of the Captives’ was given due to the monks’ initiative to raise money to rescue Christian prisoners from the Moors in North Africa.

An Impressive Reconstruction

The Cervejaria Trindade is built in a place that was before the refectory of the thirteenth-century religious community of the Trinos Friars of the Redemption of Captives, set up to help detainees held by their Muslim captors during the Reconquista time of Portuguese history. After the disintegration of the cloisters in Portugal in 1834, space was bought by Manuel Garcia, a Spanish money manager, who opened Lisbon’s first business lager corridor here with brew prepared on the premises. As cloisters additionally blended their own lager, the Cervejaria Trindade cases to be the most established persistent distillery in Portugal.

The Cervejaria Trindade is currently possessed by Sagres, one of Portugal’s main two brewers. The two huge rooms of the Cervejaria Trindade are adorned with great tile boards planned by Francisco Ferreira with themes enlivened by the Freemasons. The boards portray figurative figures speaking to the four components, the four seasons (winter is no longer there as an entryway was pushed through in the nineteenth century) and industry and trade on the back divider. The stone mosaic boards in the back room were planned by the craftsman Maria Keil (1914-2012) in the twentieth century and depend on great Portuguese calçadas (mosaic asphalts).

It Also Has A Gourmet Restaurant!

The Cervejaria Trindade serves conventional Portuguese food (meat, fish, shellfish) alongside its brilliant lager, wine from various locales of Portugal, and its unmistakable sweet pastries (mousse, flans, and puddings). Costs might be on the high side, however, the inside beautification, brilliant help from the servers in the customary ensemble in addition to the notable climate, legitimize the rates.

The motto of Cervejaria is that customers take “a journey through the flavor of the centuries” and, although maintaining its conventual inspiration, the menu has evolved with the inclusion of cod dishes, salads, and menus for the little ones. The classics, however, are the stars of Cervejaria Trindade. Steak with Trindade (prices vary between € 9.90 and € 20.70), which can be tenderloin, veal, chicken, or chicken, is the most requested. As with the Belém pastries, the recipe for this steak is also secret, but there are many theories on how to make the creamy sauce that accompanies the steak (will there be coffee, cream, or barley?). For seafood lovers, the restaurant has a wide selection of shrimp, lobster, crab, and oysters. Regardless of which to choose, the service acolytes are home fries and beer is the main office of the Trinity.

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